Friday, May 8, 2009

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine at the Senator Theatre in Baltimore

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, the classic 1968 film featuring animated likenesses of the Beatles on a surreal mission to defend the residents of Pepperland from malevolent Blue Meanies, will be on the big screen at the Senator Theatre in Baltimore this weekend. Show times are Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM.

Yellow Submarine's whimsical art and brilliant use of color remain relevant, impressive and entertaining well beyond its late 1960s aesthetic. Czech designer Heinz Edelmann had never worked in animation before TV Cartoons, the film's production studio, recruited him to help the movie break from the "cartoony" style previously used in ABC TV's The Beatles.
The break was absolute. Upon seeing storyboards of the film already under production, the Beatles were reportedly shocked to see the film's bold use of designs, color and form. Paul McCartney reportedly had expected "a Disney film".

The marriage of Yellow Submarine's creators' spirited creative energy to the Beatles' music resulted in a groundbreaking achievement. The voice acting is particularly impressive. You'll swear you're listening to the the Beatles' actual voices, but you're not. But don't feel like that makes you less of a Beatlemaniac. Variety was fooled, too, when the movie was released.
The chance to see this film in a movie theater with the sound and picture quality of the Senator is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Senator Theatre 5904 York Road, Baltimore, Maryland (410) 435-8338

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