Friday, May 1, 2009

Joost Do It

Video site Joost has added Toei Animation’s anime Slam Dunk to its lineup of free shows. Based on the incredibly popular basketball manga of the same name that sold well over 100 million copies in Japan, the television show was also a huge hit, running for 101 episodes and spawning four movies.

A typical sports anime, Slam Dunk’s episodes breeze by and make for a fascinating watch as animators under the weight of mid-1990s budgets use every trick in the book to animate the game of basketball without relying on computers. Not an easy task. The character design is dated and the aforementioned production on the cheap makes for a sometimes choppy product, but Slam Dunk is a classic and definitely worth a shot (so to speak).

Also worth a look on Joost is a collection of clips from the top five battle scenes from Naruto Shippuden, as picked by the editors of the Naruto Shippuden Collector. Full episodes of the show are available too, but if you're only watching it for the fights anyway, why not maximize your time?

Joost is increasingly distinguishing itself as an excellent source of animation, both classic and contemporary. With partnerships in place with Nippon Television Network, Yoshimoto Kogyo, FUNimation and VIZ Media, Joost has placed itself well as a destination for anime unavailable outside of Japan or premium cable television.

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